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Is Body Jet Lipo as Effective as Traditional Liposuction?

Over the last couple of years several alternatives such as laser liposuction, have emerged to challenge traditional lipo, and now there is the innovative body jet liposuction. Many patients may be wondering: What exactly is body jet liposuction, and is it as effective as traditional lipo?


Liposuction is a safe and effective way to contour the body. It is typically done by people who want to eliminate unwanted body fat, and create a more sculpted body. Liposuction is best for clients who are near their ideal weight and in good physical shape, with small areas of stubborn fat that they need to shed.

Traditional Liposuction

The body is first injected with a tumescent solution, which is meant to minimize bleeding and reduce pain. The fat cells are then removed with a tiny cannula or small tube, which is inserted via small incisions made at the treatment site.

Body Jet Lipo

Body jet lipo or water-assisted body sculpting is one of the newest methods of liposuction available today. It is a minimally invasive method that uses a pressurized stream of water to dislodge and remove the fat cells. It also infuses anesthetic at the same time, and this makes the procedure very comfortable for patients. The water is introduced into the body via a water jet, which is attached to the end of the cannula.

Body jet lipo has been used to successfully treat different parts of the body including the flanks, inner and outer thighs, hips, arms, neck and jowls.

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Is Body Jet Liposuction as Effective as Traditional Liposuction?

Body jet lipo differs from conventional lipo, because it uses a fine stream of water to remove fat. The gentle effect of the water keeps the surrounding connective tissue intact, and healing therefore takes place at a much faster rate.

Additionally, less fluid is infused with body jet lipo; therefore the surgeon can get a better picture of the contours as they develop, as there is less fluid to distort the final outcome.

Some doctors believe that body jet lipo is the most effective form of liposuction, because there are fewer side effects, and it requires less anesthesia and recovery time.

Which Procedure Is Right For You?

There are now a variety of body contouring devices available on the market that take different approaches to liposuction. However, the best procedure for you will depend on your specific needs and aesthetic goals. While body jet lipo may not be the best choice for everyone, it can produce excellent results for the right candidate.

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Benefits of Body Jet

There is not a lot trauma with body jet lipo, as the water gently removes the fat cells. As a result, there is less swelling and bruising, so recovery is quicker. Most patients are able to return to regular activities within 2 days. With traditional lipo the cannula is moved back and forth to break up the fat cells, and the force creates significantly more trauma, resulting in a longer downtime.

The gentle removal of the fat with water-assisted lipo keeps it in-tact, and this makes it better suited for re-injection as part of a fat transfer procedure. Some doctors combine body jet lipo with procedures such as facial rejuvenation using fat grafts.

There is less risk associated with body jet liposuction, as patients are usually given mild anesthesia, compared to general anesthesia for traditional lipo.

Are You A Good Candidate?

If you have small isolated pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, you may be a good candidate for body jet liposuction.

There is no doubt that body jet lipo is a very effective method of fat removal. However, getting the superior outcomes you desire is also dependent on choosing a well-trained and experienced provider, who is familiar with the technology.

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Body Jet Lipo in New Haven, CT

Clients in New Haven, CT, can contact board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Langdon, of Langdon Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, regarding body jet lipo treatments. Dr. Langdon has extensive experience in laser and cosmetic surgery, and will ensure that you have a safe procedure, and achieve the results you desire.

The Langford Center is located in Guilford, CT. Contact Dr. Langdon to set up a consultation, and find out if body jet lipo is right for you.

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Robert Langdon, MD
Robert Langdon, MD is a dermatologic surgeon who is at the forefront of cosmetic surgery. He is an innovator of improved cosmetic surgical methods and frequently shares his techniques with fellow surgeons at national and international medical meetings.
Robert Langdon, MD


Robert Langdon, MD specializes in laser and cosmetic surgery. He is board certified in Dermatology and in Cosmetic Surgery. His practice is in Guilford, CT.
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Robert Langdon, MD
Robert Langdon, MD

Robert Langdon, MD

Robert Langdon, MD is a dermatologic surgeon who is at the forefront of cosmetic surgery. He is an innovator of improved cosmetic surgical methods and frequently shares his techniques with fellow surgeons at national and international medical meetings.

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