(HealthDay News) -- While napping can't replace a good night's sleep, it can offer a quick recharge in the midst of a busy day.

The National Sleep Foundation says a nap shouldn't be longer than 30 minutes, to prevent a groggy feeling when you wake up.

So where can you sneak in a few minutes of shuteye? The NSF offers these potential hideaways:

  • At home -- Consider black-out shades and a white noise machine so your room will be as dark and least-distracting as possible.
  • Between classes -- Lots of schools offer quiet areas that can be used to recharge during free time.
  • Outdoors -- Fresh air is ideal for napping.
  • At work -- If you have an office with a door, you have a suitable place for napping. For those in a cubicle, think about reserving a conference room.
  • At the gym -- Many gyms have cushy chairs that may be ideal for napping.