A colorectal surgeon in Massachusetts, Dr. Rocco Ricciardi offers comprehensive care for intestinal diseases that affect the colon, rectum and intestines.


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Never have I been in the presence of such an unprofessional doctor in my life. I came to him with genuine concerns about infection after a cauterization procedure I had from another doctor. He proceeded to say, and I quote, \"it\'s really hard to get an infection down there. You have to be a really bad person, like vote Republican and kill babies.\" I looked at his assistant Jesse in horror, and she just kind of shrugged it off and laughed. I almost walked out of the room, I felt so uncomfortable after that comment, but I needed someone in that area of expertise to take a look at my situation. I understand making jokes helps break the ice, but that comment really crossed a line for me. After the visit was over I had to wait a half hour to get some paperwork back that I brought for them to make a copy of. I made a follow up appointment but I am so horrified that I don\'t think I will go back.

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