Specializing in cardiology, Dr. Venkatesh Nadar provides personalized treatment plans for patients with heart & cardiovascular conditions near Camp Hill, PA.


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I originally met Dr. Nadar when he was called in while I was in the hospital for a gall bladder operation. I had an Afib during the operation. I had another Afib in my hospital room the next morning, and Dr. Nadar was luckily on call. He explained what was going on, his course of treatment and my responsibilities. My follow up treatments were given over the course of the next year, seeing Dr. Nadar at first bimonthly, then monthly. All through the next year, Dr. Nadar treated me, explained everything to me and my wife, and showed the utmost compassion. (he even gave my wife his cell number) I now see Dr. Nadar yearly, in fact I just made this years appointment. I would recommend him to anyone, he is probably the most caring specialist that I have ever had the privilege to meet.

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