Dr. Richard David is a family doctor in Athens, TX, offering primary care services for all members of the family – from children to seniors.


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Dr. David saw me for CKD Stage 4, did labs on me and my body was toxic and my kidneys were quitting with High Creatinine and Potassium over 7, and I begged him to put me in the hospital to see if my kidneys had quit, he did not. Instead he sent me home and had nurse call me the next day and tell me to take baking soda and that my Potassium was 7.0 and my creatine was 4.95 she then told me to make an appointment for the following week. I went to Baylor instead and lost my kidneys and was put on Dialysis 8 days later. Dr. David did not uphold his Hippocratic Oath by not taking responsibility of my health and helping me and I almost died.

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