Dr. Marie Adajar is an internist in Wyoming, PA. She diagnoses & treats a host of diseases & ailments in adult patients.


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My husband was a new patient. I accompanied him for his visit. He suffers from a chronic, debilitating progressive disorder. She won my utmost respect with the first visit when she performed a simple assessment taught to MD's/nurses. I am a nurse for 32 years and have NEVER seen an MD perform it. She has shown such compassion; referred my husband for pain management and given us both the epitome of professional, dedicated care. Her referral for PM is an attempt to make my husbands life tolerable. Make him feel he is worth the effort. I trust her guidance/referrals with blind faith. I would reccomend her to anyone looking for an internist/GP who truly takes her job as a calling and that is difficult to find in any MD.

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