Dr. Balsara is a cardiac surgeon in Saint Louis, MO who provides advanced surgical care for injuries or diseases of the heart & related blood vessels.


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Words alone cannot describe my gratitude and appreciation towards Dr. Balsara and his all star staff. I recently had infective endocarditis from a septic embolism and had tricuspic valve replaced as well as reconstruct the walls/lining of the heart. Dr. Balsara had to redo the entire surgery and more from the same surgery a few months prior. My original surgeon wouldn't touch me and said there wasn't more he could do. As I laid n hospital bed preparing myself for hospice care and informing my family and fiancé there wasn't any more help previous surgeon could do. That night Dr. Balsara flew over to see me and informed me that he was gonna get me transferred and do whatever he could and give me life again. This man is truly a blessing and my hero.Thank you for fighting for me when I couldn't stand and fight on my own!!!!

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