Specializing in cardiology, Dr. Kaustubh Patankar offers specialized treatment plans for patients with heart & cardiovascular conditions near Riverside, CA.


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terrible service. great delay in providing service which is a stress test my dr. wanted done after i was in hospital in october 2015 with chest pains. as of 2/12/16 this test is not done. delay in phone delay in office workers making appointments, i show up for my appointment and i am not on the books. after i went in in person to make this appointment, thinking then it would get done, phone was terrible culd not make appointment. after they lost my referral from dr. and just unacceptable service, not taking care of my health needs. never refer this office in murrieta on baxter. cardiology specialist medical group, inc. a HEART office should be above standard care for all the elder patients and with heart problems. this office should be closed. my heart in hospital in october with chest pains, here in february 2016 no test has been done..... close this office.. the stress i have endured is absolutely unforgiveable. karole perkins

terrible experience over and over. forgot my referral, after i went INTO office in murrieta to make appointment for stress test to cancel 2/5 (due to death in family and change to 2/12 i arrive at noon for test and THEY TELL ME I HAVE NO APPOINTMENT. I WENT IN PERSON. TERRIBLE PHONE SERVICE ALSO. CHANGING DOC

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