Dr. Katarina Allman is a family doctor in Huntsville, AL, delivering primary care services for all members of the family – from kids to seniors.


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I don't like invasive medical screenings or procedures unless I deem them necessary (colonoscopy, mammograms, immunizations, etc). She discussed each with me and then said it was my decision, my body. She said she'd give me health information with each visit, then it was my decision which to proceed with. For instance, as an alternative to a colonoscopy, she recommended a stool sample and a DNA test (I don't know the exact name of it) that costs about $500 (covered by medicare, but not most insurance companies she said) that was good for about 3 yrs, and non-invasive, that would identify colon cancer risks - she said this was probably the wave of the future. She is very healthy looking, very pleasant, and has a well-organized office and staff, that keeps to her schedule. She spent a long time with me getting to know me, asking questions, giving advice, and inspecting me. All their records are electronic, and as we spoke, another person typed everything that was said, and followed her to and from the room with the lap top. Anyway, I am just sharing because I am always looking for a good doctor that isn't trying to intimidate me into doing things I refuse to do.

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