Dr. Jeremy Denning is a neurosurgeon in Dallas. He provides surgical treatments for a range of conditions affecting the nervous system, such as epilepsy and Parkinson's disease.


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Dr. Denning is the best neurosurgeon out of ones I\'ve consulted and in listening to the experience of others who have had similar surgeries. Dr. Denning takes the necessary precautions to be certain he is doing what is the best procedure for his patient. He takes time to go over films, tests and reasons for procedures to help the patient make the best informed decision. Dr. Denning may be a genius at what he does but he talks to you as a partner in your health. I swear he must have some gentle touch in surgery because I\'ve had a cervical fusion 2 years ago and recently 3 procedures including a fusion on my lumbar a couple of weeks ago and although there is discomfort and muscle spasms neither surgery compared to the pain I experienced from a simple gall bladder surgery. I never experienced pain from incisions in either of the surgeries Sr. Denning perforformed although I had quite a long incision at the front of my neck the first time which is barely visible now and I have 5 incisions (1 inch long each) in my back and side now but no pain from them. Don\'t understand it unless it has to do with using glue but sure helps recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Denning in helping if you have pain that is debilitating. Nerve pain is like no other pain I\'ve had but both times Dr. Denning has been able to help me feel functional again.

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