Dr. Mccullen, an OB/GYN in Orlando, FL, specializes in the field of women's health, treating conditions that affect the female reproductive system.


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McCullen was called in to do my csection. She walked in the room and said,\'\'I feel like delivering a baby tonight. When I began being a dr woman delivered after having cesections\". So basically she completely forgets about protocol. Why, because she\'s DR.MC-GOD! Or so she thinks. So for some reason she decides not to put my legs in stirrups. There was plenty of time, she even popped my placenta. I teared so badly a specialist should of been called in. Did she? What do you think? She had no idea what to do with what went on down there, but that didn\'t stop her. Needless to say I need corrective sugery. Oh my bladder fell too! I know eventually one of her patients won\'t be as lucky as me & live to complain.

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