Dr. Harold Cordner is a pain management doctor in Sebastian. He creates customized pain management plans for patients suffering from chronic pain.


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  • Nice Office

I have multiple sclerosis and was sent to Dr. Cordner for a baclofen pump, I have only medicare and got to the point that I could not afford the expense anymore. I explained my situation to the nurse and told her I needed it taken out, now I have only seen Dr. cordner a few times since going there for 4 years it was always the PA that saw me and filled my pump so he is not the one who I saw a lot of. The day I told them I wanted it taken out is one of the times that Cordner came in the exam room and talked me into keeping the pump and he said he would work with me on the billing issue. Well he never talked to the staff about it because it became a nightmare, finally I told them I would find another doctor and they said that would be for the best. I kept telling the staff to please talk to cordner about the arrangement he made with me but I don't think that ever happened, on my last visit he never showed his face or anytime to talk about what was going on and it was all his idea the arrangement. His office manager said it was my choice to keep it the day I talked to him about taking it out but she was not in the exam room when he talked to me about keeping the pump in, he said with my MS as it got worst I would be sorry I did not keep it. So if you want your situation to become a nightmare then go to this office otherwise I would stay clear.

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