Dr. Fernando Rennella is a pain management doctor in Delray Beach. He creates customized pain management plans for patients suffering from chronic pain.


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OK, let me tell you my story. 18 months of pain from left hip arthritis, sciatica,2 bulging discs,1 herniated disc and a broken vertebrae from years of competitive skiing, tennis and golf. I was professional athlete when I was younger. Now am almost 65. Couldn\'t get up from chair, toilet, or bed without extreme pain and effort. 4 hip treatments and 1 back treatment later am playing 18 holes, walking w/o limp! Will restart tennis soon! Miracle Man is all I can say. I am trial lawyer and have referred numerous colleagues and friends. They all can\'t believe the phenomenal results, even after years of unbearable pain which one friend had been relegated to oxycodone for years to control. After two back treatments he self-weaned off meds and loves me forever for introducing him to Dr. Rennella. He had already made appt. with Laser Spine Institute in Tampa for back surgery. They want $12,000 out of pocket even if you have the best insurance. He doesn\'t need surgery now and his life has completely changed. Same with my scratch golfer colleague who had 2 neck treatments after 2 years of no progress with a neurosurgeon. He is not finished yet but is already virtually pain free. If you have neck, back, hip, shoulder or other pain and don\'t see the Doctor, you are missing a great opportunity to immediately improve your life without surgery or anesthesia. He is amazing and a good guy.

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