Dr. Eric Ciganek is a family physician in Centreville, MD, delivering primary care services for all members of the family – from seniors to kids.


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I was attempting to change an appointment back to the original date I was given due to the pharmacy near them, I travel about an hour to see him and only wanted to switch back when I started getting the third degree from the glorified receptionist there about my medications. which she has no idea about the way I take my medications that is something only my doctor needs to be aware of. When I wished to speak with him I called his office I believe he is still The doctor I see but was informed other wise by another rude receptionist like I am not entitled to talk to him about the issue I was having with his appointment coordinator who has been as rude as ever since she started there. If he is my prescribing doctor and I want to speak personally to him that should not be a problem Ever! that is unprofessional to me. I am tired of being looked down on by these people. One day I hope karma bites them back for me.

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