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Why choose FemiLift for vaginal rejuvenation over other options?

When it comes to vaginal rejuvenation treatments, many women want to know: “Why should I choose FemiLift over other options?”
As time passes, many women experience vaginal changes that can negatively impact their self-confidence and self-esteem.

These very personal changes have traditionally been treated with invasive surgery, forcing women to go under the knife to achieve the results they’re looking for. Fortunately, however, women are now able to get the relief they seek without going under the knife — thanks to non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment options such as Femilift.

With so many treatment choices available, it’s quite common for women to ask whey they should consider FemiLift for vaginal rejuvenation over other options.

What is FemiLift?

FemiLift Vaginal Rejuvenation Fractional Laser Treatment Device

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FemiLift is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment that uses fractional CO2 laser technology to tighten, rejuvenate, and restructure the vaginal tissues.

A course of 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart is generally recommended for the best results. Each session takes 15-20 minutes.

While there is no downtime, patients are advised to abstain from intercourse for at least 3 days.

What does the FemiLift procedure treat?

FemiLift addresses feminine issues that are often brought on by the breakdown of essential vaginal collagen. The decline in vaginal collagen results in the laxity of the vaginal wall.

This leads to loss of sensation during intercourse as well as other side-effects such as stress urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, and recurring infections — all of which are issues that can be treated with FemiLift.

Not only can these feminine health concerns damage a woman’s self-confidence, but they can also interfere with a woman’s ability to participate in physical activities & exercise, which in turn can impact their overall quality of life. As a result, it probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that nearly all women who’ve undergone the FemiLift procedure find it empowering, because it gives them the opportunity to fully enjoy an active lifestyle once again.

How FemiLift works

FemiLift involves the use of a fractional CO2 laser that is rotated throughout the vaginal canal. The thermal energy remodels and restores the vaginal tissues, by stimulating new collagen. When tightness is restored to the vaginal wall it brings back tone to the vaginal canal, and increases vaginal moisture.

As a result, there is increased sensation during intercourse, improved urinary function due to the strengthening of the pelvic floor, and a decrease in recurring infections.

FemiLift also encourages blood flow and this improves the elasticity of the vaginal tissues.

Why choose FemiLift over other options for vaginal rejuvenation

When it comes to laser vaginal rejuvenation, there are several non-surgical options on the market. However, FemiLift uses a unique laser probe that is encased within a single-use tube, which protects both the skin and the probe.

There are other rejuvenation procedures that utilize a multi-use probe, which is sterilized between patients. With the single-use tube there is no risk of infection.

In addition, FemiLift is a versatile option. It rejuvenates the entire vaginal canal, and in so doing it treats a wide range of feminine health conditions that affect women of every age.

When compared to surgical vaginal rejuvenation, FemiLift has several advantages.

  • No anesthesia: FemiLift requires no anesthesia, so there are none of the associated risks.
  • Few side-effects: Side effects of FemiLift are minor, and generally include slight spotting or a watery discharge. These symptoms are temporary, and usually persist only for a few days. Side-effects of surgery include swelling, pain with intercourse, reduced sensation, and the possibility of scarring or infection. FemiLift is therefore a safer option.
  • Minimal Downtime: Recovery after FemiLift is fast, so most patients are able to resume regular activities immediately post treatment.   It’s therefore a great option for women with busy schedules. Recovery after surgery usually involves several weeks of downtime.
  • Boosts collagen: The FemiLift procedure has the added benefit of increasing the body’s natural production of collagen. This helps to ensure that the results gained with the procedure are long-lasting.
  • Fast treatment: FemiLift only takes 15-20 minutes to perform, so it can be conveniently done during the lunch hour. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery takes about one hour to perform.

FemiLift is a fast, minimally invasive treatment with little downtime, which makes it the ideal solution for women that don’t want to take time off to have their feminine health concerns treated. It’s beneficial for women of any age.

Non-surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Near Arlington & Reston, VA

If you are interested in non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation, contact Healthcare for Women Obstetrics and Gynecology located in Arlington and Reston, VA, for more information.

Call (703) 528-6300 today to schedule a consultation at our office in Arlington, and (703) 437-8080 for the office in Reston.

Amy Porter, MD, FACOG
Amy E. Porter, MD, FACOG is board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology and a Fellow of the American College of OB/GYN (FACOG) at Healthcare For Women PC in Arlington & Reston, VA.
Amy Porter, MD, FACOG
Amy Porter, MD, FACOG

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Amy Porter, MD, FACOG

Amy Porter, MD, FACOG

Amy E. Porter, MD, FACOG is board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology and a Fellow of the American College of OB/GYN (FACOG) at Healthcare For Women PC in Arlington & Reston, VA.

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