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  • Dr. Peter G. Lee, MD, FACS :: Plastic Surgeon in Irvine, CA
  • Dr. Jorge L. Serrat, MD :: Pediatric Endocrinologist in Miami, FL
  • Dr. Mike Y. Chen, MD, PhD :: Neurosurgeon in Duarte, CA
  • Dr. Mitchell H. Brezel, MD, DABR ::  in Manasquan, NJ
  • Dr. Andrew A. Raubitschek, MD :: Radiation Oncologist in Duarte, CA
  • Dr. Luisa M. Mcelroy, MD :: Pediatrician in Tampa, FL
  • Dr. Raymond B. Raven, MD :: Hand Surgeon in Burbank, CA
  • Dr. Nelcar M. Gadrinab, MD, FACS :: Urologist in Chicago, IL
  • Dr. Ernest F. DeJesus, MD :: Nephrologist in Winfield, IL
  • Dr. Michael A. Dempsey, MD, FACP, FACE :: Endocrinologist in Rockville, MD
  • Dr. Hassan A. Jafary, MD, FACP, MRO :: Internist in Beckley, WV
  • Dr. David M. Rube, MD :: Child Psychiatrist in Bellerose, NY
  • Dr. Evan B. Krisch, MD :: Urologist in Vineland, NJ
  • Dr. Robert G. Aycock, MD :: Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco, CA
  • Dr. Randall D. Blinn, MD :: Orthopedic Surgeon in Miami, FL
  • Dr. Kent L. Bassett, MD :: Ophthalmologist in Bellevue, WA

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