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Latest Doctor Reviews

  •  Doctor Omais is knowledgeable and does a wonderful job of explaining things. I fully trust him with a very serious situation. The office is in a transition and I really hope they are going to get it straightened out. I've called...  read more

    November 25 2015 by Kathy K in Waldorf, MD
  •  I have been a patient of dr. Huddlestone for over five years. I could not ask for a better Doctor. A nurse takes your vitals and go over medication, and Dr. Huddlestone does all his own testing and instead of...  read more

    November 24 2015 by A. J. B in Puyallup , WA
  •  Very unprofessional doctor and assistant. Dr Lorenzen was rude, condenscending, and nasty. My experience was so bad that I got up and walked out. I refuse to be treated the way this office treats patients....  read more

    November 24 2015 by Barbara C in Tavares, FL
  •  I have never seen such apathy and disregard for a military veteran. In no way did Dr. Crever extend the slightest amount of understanding or concern for a Service Member seeking guidance and medical assistance. If you have ever served...  read more

    November 24 2015 by SFC J in Phoenix, AZ
  •  Dr. Lewellyn recently put my wrist back together after a terrible fall. Him, ORMC and his staff are the best I have experienced in the medical field. I highly recommend him....  read more

    November 24 2015 by Joy M in Casselberry , FL
  •  awesome,awesome,awesome ortho doc!!!Did both my hips in '03,'04 & '09('09 my fault!).Has awesome but cool headed professionalism.Can be stern but only because he cares for you as an individual.He had never met me,but agreed to do my complex hip surgeries.Best...  read more

    November 23 2015 by June B in Albion, ME
  •  Dr. Berdia has been inpatient with me and appears bothered by questions. Spends too little time with me and seems to make snap decisions. ...  read more

    November 23 2015 by Barbara H in Germantown, MD
  •  Medicaid assigned our family to Dr. Abston. I called to schedule a 1st time appointment for my very sick son and the lady was very rude, abrupt and hostile in informing me that they were not accepting new patients. She...  read more

    November 23 2015 by Erica S in Huntsville, AL
  •   Dr. Ingalls has been my family physician for 16 years. Both my son and I have really enjoyed having her as our physician. What I really appreciate about her, is that her approach to medication is less is...  read more

    November 22 2015 by Gloria W in Lima, OH
  •  She is a great kind doctor . She is very knowledgable and I can always get in to see her . Feel very blessed to have her as my doctor!...  read more

    November 21 2015 by Karen S in LaFontaine, IN

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