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  •  Dr. Selznick is one of the best doctors I have ever been to, he gets the job done and makes you feel like there is comfort in recovery, I miss him, I am currently seeing a doctor that knows him...  read more

    February 8 2016 by Laina S in Paulden, AZ
  •  He takes the time needed by each patient so sometimes he is taking longer,past your appointment time, don't get mad be patient because one day you may need more time with him and I won't be angry. He is worth...  read more

    February 8 2016 by Rebecca D in Indian Trail, NC
  •  Had a bladder procedure done today all went well. Very nice Doctor and staff I would highly recommend him thank you for making it pleasant ...  read more

    February 8 2016 by Linda M in Staten Island k, NY
  •  Dr. Evnin had been my family dr. for many years, he is professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an old fashion family practioneer ...  read more

    February 8 2016 by Nathan W in Ceres, CA
  •  Dr. Carter is an extremely caring and concerned doctor. I have seen him twice and have felt so comfortable with him and with his understanding and knowledge. He is simply a great person and doctor....  read more

    February 8 2016 by Trudy T in Atlanta, GA
  •  Dr. Reid and his wife Tony are outstanding people and professionals. They touched me in many ways with their warm personality. Thank you both for your kindness while I was your patient!! ...  read more

    February 8 2016 by joe w in LITTLE ROCK, AR
  •  Dr Seilski has been my dr since 2007 he is one of the best family practice dr's I have ever seen. Dr Seilski is a real down to earth guy and is vary relatable. I would definitely recommend him to my own...  read more

    February 8 2016 by Alma S in Concho, AZ
  •  Dr. Merriman did trauma surgery on my pelvis after I was hit by a semi 11 mos. ago. I thank him so much and admire and trust him greatly. He is assuring and personable. He is strongly recommended!!!!...  read more

    February 8 2016 by jennifer o in republic , MO
  •  I met Dr. Nelligan the morning after my skiing accident, in the hospital. He has a great bedside manner. Next time I saw him was later that afternoon before a surgery, he pushed onto his already busy schedule. Three days...  read more

    February 8 2016 by Deborah E in Santa Cruz, CA
  •  He was the 2nd gastro I had seen and he said my colonoscopy came back clean with no problems after I had been taking Remicaid for over ten years....  read more

    February 8 2016 by Linda D in Dunlap, TN

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