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Latest Doctor Reviews

  •  Dr. Tariq and his staff are so great. I was diagnosed with RA and I'm always in pain. He makes sure you're as comfortable as possible. The staff is amazing. I drive 40 miles to go see him. I will...  read more

    February 12 2016 by Miranda C in Pearland, TX
  •  Wonderful doctor...kind and patient. He listens carefully to what you are saying and then explains options....  read more

    February 11 2016 by Estelle L in Portland, OR
  •  Dr. Mankan is one of the most caring doctors I've ever been to. He takes time to talk to me and discuss my case. He calls the house when he has a concern. He is truly an...  read more

    February 11 2016 by Marilyn G in El Paso,, TX
  •  Wonderful surgical outcome. Great patient-doctor relationship. An outstanding "bed side manner". Dr. Thordason thoroughly described the problem with my left ankle joint and provided alternative procedures for my consideration. After the partial ankle joint fusion, my ankle was and continues...  read more

    February 11 2016 by Terry C in Victorville, CA
  •  Dr. Roundy is a very knowledgeable neurosurgeon. He did my Deep Brain Stimulation surgery both parts. I found him to be a compassionate , knowledgeable, physician.I had outstanding results after both surgeries. My incisions are clean and look small...  read more

    February 11 2016 by Christy M in Eugene, OR
  •  Great doctor! Very informative and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend him and his clinic. Great and friendly staff!...  read more

    February 11 2016 by Anthony C in Au Gres, MI
  •  Only had 1 appointment so far, but I will say she is very caring, thorough, and I didn't feel rushed at all....  read more

    February 11 2016 by Gail M in High Point, NC
  •  Dr Patel is caring and takes time to listen to my concerns. Anytime I call I can get an appointment within a day. If He's GREAT!...  read more

    February 11 2016 by Brenda L in Parkton, NC
  •  Didn't care one ounce about anything except telling us to get a colonoscopy. We spent about 10 mins in his office. Great nurses they were kind and asked a bunch of questions. The Dr didn't ask one question,...  read more

    February 11 2016 by Jessie A in Everett, WA
  •  Dr. Lopez is tops in my book. I was referred to him by my doctor. I have heard of Dr. Lopez from other people. He is just like family. Had my knee scoped. There was no waiting time at all...  read more

    February 11 2016 by Ricahrd k in chicago, IL

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