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Latest Doctor Reviews

  •  Dr. Kuritzky and his staff are the most knowledgeable, competent group I have ever dealt with. Dr. Kuritzky treats my father for chronic kidney disease. He has become more valuable to us than the primary MD, as he...   read more

    October 2 2015 by Julie M in Tonawanda, NY
  •  To me he is one of the best orthopaedic surgeons in this area. Very professional and kind doctor. I have been in his office several times. He has operated on me twice...   read more

    October 2 2015 by Dolores L in Houston, TX
  •  I can not put into words my admiration for this man of healing. He is approachable and will talk to you, and explain in lay mans terms what all the Medical terminology means. He really is a God send for...   read more

    October 2 2015 by William F in Warner Robins, GA
  •  I have been a patient of Dr. Farrand for over 30years. He has saved my husband's life (heart attack) and diagnosed my MS. He is a caring intelligent physician. I have two heroes, my husband and my doctor. I know...   read more

    October 1 2015 by Susan P in Kennebunk, ME
  •  I don't like that he stereotypes me. He was recommended to me by a friend that's the only reason I came to see him... Only if he new the truth about some of his life patient. Need I say more...   read more

    October 1 2015 by ronal S in Joplin , MO
  •  I felt totally relaxed and comfortable. Never worried as he is a straight shooter. I was calm because he was calm. A doctor you can trust. Whenever I leave his office I feel he has done the best for me....   read more

    October 1 2015 by Pamela D in Mount Vernon, NY
  •  Dr. Steinbaum is an extremely knowledgeable and congenial individual. Her office staff is incompetent, disrespectful, disorganized, and uncooperative to name just a few of the issues. Their phlebotomist did not properly prepare my bloods so they were...   read more

    October 1 2015 by Susan G in New York, NY
  •  Cold and cocky are the words that best describe this doctor. After several visits I decided to drive much further to see a much better doctor. I would NEVER RECOMMEND THIS DOCTOR....   read more

    September 30 2015 by Michael H in Douglasville, GA
  •  Best doctor I have been to in over 20 years. A true blessing. I have started to care about myself due to her guidance and concern. I have lost weight and am more involved in my health now....   read more

    September 30 2015 by Evelyn E in New York, NY
  •  Although Doctor Radin may be well qualified, his staff is inpatient and rude. Given the speciality, perhaps he should consider sensitivity training. ...   read more

    September 30 2015 by Robin Q in Niantic, CT

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